Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Welcome to your very own Travel Agent Desktop Solution .

This one-stop shop solution can be embedded into any travel agency platform and can provide you with:
  • Ability to order from extensive line of travel brochures.
  • Ability to order promotional and marketing materials.
  • Access to commissionable providers to enhance customer travel experience.
  • Opportunity to generate revenue from tours, attractions, and concert tickets to travel visas and travel gear.
  • Access to new mywurld platform! The revolutionary communication tool can serve as your CRM, allowing you to connect with customers throughout their journey. Opportunities to send postcards, text messages, and more!
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    Brochures - Order the latest brochures
    mywurld - Send eDocs
    Earn Commission
    Activities and Tickets
    Lonely Planet Guides
    Travel Gear
    CIBT Visas
    Print On Demand
    My Happy Client